THE CORDELEG AGRICULTURAL CRAFT CENTER, brings together more then 250 families with experience in toquilla straw weaving. These families are from a variety of communities throughout Cantón Chordeleg and Gualaceo. The center bagan in 1996, with the primary focus of improving the standard of living of its members by selling their toquilla straw products.

The center offers many resources and opportunities to its members including on-going training for the purpose of improving the quality of production and making new products.

Micro-credit grants, which are used mainly for agrcultural activity, are also among the benefits offered to its associates. Furthermore the center promotes an organization of craftswomen wich in turn gives value to and helps preserve the culture as well as fortifies the ties of communitarian solidarity.

Today the center is a site where the highest quality handmade crafts are exhibited and where the member craftswomen can sell their productos directly to customers.

The center has a toquilla straw pocessing plant wich offers whitened or dyed straw to the community at competitive prices.

THE CORDELEG AGRICULTURAL CRAFT CENTER (CACH), continues to serarch for oportunities wich avois marginatizacion and wich allows members to integrate into a consumer society and for opportunities wich continue to improve the quality and the variety of products in order to compete at a higher level.

The crafts in this webpage are hademade by the craftswomen from CACH; each piece demostrates their ability, skill and patience as well as expresses the artisan and cultural identity of our region.